Christopher D. Colvin
Housing Rehabilitation Consultant
400 Lawrence Street Marietta GA   30060
Christopher D. Colvin
Housing Rehabilitation Consultant
400 Lawrence Street Marietta GA   30060
400 Lawrence Street Marietta GA   30060
Christopher Colvin
HUD Approved 203(k) Consultant, FLA. & GA. FHA Compliance Inspector
Have you ever wished you had known BEFORE THE APPRAISAL that your, or your client's,
Dream Home didn't meet FHA/HUD Minimum Property Standards (MPS)?  

We have too...
It would save a LOT of time on several fronts to know about the NON-COMPLIANCE before things got too far down the road.   Buyers become
Borrowers only when the loan closes – but if it doesn't reach that point, then everyone loses.  We have discovered that the FHA Compliance
Inspection solves the problem, and the sooner it is in hand, the smoother things will progress.  We couple this document with our FHA home
inspection form, and it is more than enough information to answer the toughest questions.  FHA/HUD loans are our specialty, and over the years we
have walked into all SORTS of crazy renovation situations - with confidence we can say that we can help you through the due-diligence period.

The process is easy:
1. Give your borrower/Realtor our phone number (404-680-5773) or website address (
2. Instruct them to Request a Consultation , payment will be required by the time we are on site.
3. An inspection will be promptly arranged, and usually we can get the report back to them within 24 hours.  
With the inspection report in hand, everyone involved in the transaction will have the necessary information
to decide how to proceed.
FHA Compliance Inspections             
When is an FHA Compliance Inspection Required?

While all FHA loans require property appraisals, not all of them will require the submission of an FHA compliance inspection. These are only needed
in specific circumstances. For example, if you are purchasing a home that is going through major remodeling or reconstruction or if it is being built
brand new then you will be required to have this inspection done.
In some cases, you may need to have more than one inspection, as well as a final inspection, completed on the property in order to qualify for an FHA

1. Repairs specified by an FHA Appraiser.
2. When there are conflicting Appraisals.
3. When Appraisals conflict with a home inspection.
4. Section 8 repair issues.
5. Required remedies for WDO- termites, or mandatory Roof repairs.

Or for site built & manufactured housing:

1. Construction issues on a new Site Built Home.
2. Verify the proper completion of a new Manufactured Home or new Site Built Home.
3. Grading or site issues on a new Manufactured Home or Site Built Home.
4. Installation issues for a new Manufactured Homes
5. Distance separation issues regarding septic tanks, wells and chemically treated soil.
6. Additions to Manufactured Homes.

This type of review is needed to ensure that problems are being corrected, discovered, or are being prevented during construction. By doing periodic
inspections, the FHA helps protect the loan by insuring that the end product is safe, sound, and move-in ready.