203(K) Requirements:

One to Four Family Residences:
·  All types, and they must be owner-occupied.
·  One to four family residential homes, which have been completed for at least one year.
·  Homes that have been demolished or razed as part of the rehabilitation process are eligible as long as
the existing foundation system remains intact.
·  Any property that the buyer wishes to convert. (ie.. a single family property into a two to four family
property, or a two to four family property into a single family property, etc.)

·  All improvements are required to be inside the property.
·  Must be owner-occupied.

Mixed-Use Properties:
·  All improvements are required to be made to residential portion only.
·  Must be owner-occupied.

Miscellaneous Guidelines:
·  All properties must be at least one year old
·  New construction is not eligible
·  Commercial properties are not eligible
·  Required $5,000 minimum renovation cost


The following items have been designated by HUD as eligible structural alterations and reconstruction for
use of a 203(k) loan. Since each house and its conditions vary, your project may not require each exhibit
listed below. You should indicate to your Consultant the scope of what you wish your project to entail and
allow the Consultant to advise you as to the exhibits that your specific project will require.

Here are some things you can do, remember... all repairs are allowed, and not limited to the list below!

1.        Attic build-outs
2.        Additions
3.        Bathroom remodeling
4.        Kitchen remodeling
5.        Appliances
6.        Foundation repairs
7.        Handicap accessibility repairs
8.        Siding replacement
9.        Guttering
10.        Roof replacement
11.        Shutters
12.        Decks
13.        Driveways
14.        Exterior painting
15.        Interior painting
16.        Fencing
17.        Grading/landscaping
18.        Window and door repairs or replacement
19.        Mold remediation
20.        Sheetrock replacement or repairs
21.        Wood/metal framing
22.        Trimwork of all types
23.        Staircases
24.        Closet repairs
25.        All types of flooring: wood, tile, laminate, etc…
26.        Plumbing repairs and fixtures
27.        Electrical rewiring and repairs
28.        HVAC systems
29.        Insulation
30.        Bath and kitchen cabinetry
31.        Basement finishing or repairs such as waterproofing

Considering going GREEN?  FHA supports this completely!
1.        Active and passive solar upgrades
2.        Spray foam insulation at walls, ceilings and roofs
3.        Tankless waterheaters
4.        Bamboo flooring
5.        Low VOC paints
6.        Cement siding
7.        High efficiency HVAC upgrades
8.        Low-flow plumbing fixtures
9.        EnergyStar appliances
... and SO MUCH MORE!

·  Owner Occupants - Purchase - Refinance
·  Non- Profits
·  Investors NOT allowed

NOTE: Required $5,000.00 minimum in Repairs
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